Cottonwood Stables

Equine Retirement

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Client Testimonials

"My retired FEI dressage partner, Geuel, is so happy - as am I. Thank you Dawn Johnson, for giving him so much love and care. He earned it!"

- Nancy Murray


"I have known Dawn, and her stellar care and love of horses for 25yrs. You will not find a better place to send your horse, and never worry. They are like her children. I'm proud to have Dawn as my friend!!"

- Barbara Jacobs

Blue Ribbon Meadows


“The times I boarded my horse at Cottonwood Stables were among the happiest times in my life. My horse was given the best personal care and all I had to do was tack up and ride whenever I wanted to. I was always made to feel like one of the family. I have boarded horses in many facilities in Texas as well as other states, and I’ve never felt as home as I did at Cottonwood!”

- Joyce Fox (Joyce boarded her horses “Savannah” and “Scarlet” with us when we in Cypress Texas)


"Dawn was the caregiver for my thoroughbred horse -Biz-who was 32 years old and had arthritis when he arrived at Cottonwood Stables. He soon had a lovely pasture to wander around in, neighboring horses to nuzzle and rub heads with, and lots of tender loving care. The fungus on his back was finally cleared up by special shampooing, and cooling fans in the stable stall. Dawn even rebuilt the footing of my horse's stall with stone, sand, a mat and lots of pine shavings to keep his feet dry so he wouldn’t get wet hooves and abscesses. She knew what to feed Biz, where to feed him, and when it was too hot outside, brought him into the stable area for lunch with company. Biz was brushed and blanketed in the

winter He was fed the right mixture of greens to keep his weight on- when his teeth weren't able to chew hay. Dawn was a caring angel for my horse while he was at Cottonwood Stables. If I had another horse and had to retire him, I would send him/her to Dawn for the senior years." Thanks Dawn."

- Barbara Redman

“Royal Business”


"I have worked with Dawn Johnson at Cottonwood Stables for several years and have always been impressed at her level of horse care knowledge and her concern for the animals in her facility. I would highly recommend this stable for the discriminating horse owner."

- Cory Tucker DVM

South Pine Animal Hospital

Crockett, TX


"A few years ago the barn I was at changed owners. The new owner was nice but didn't have a clue. So I was always being told, "I didn't notice your horse bleeding from the leg. I didn't see anyone kick him and leave a hematoma. Etc. And the chronic diarrhea because she gave him supplements without telling me. So I looked around and a friend  recommended Cottonwood Stables. So I paid a visit, fell in love and Pecos started the New Year at Cottonwood. That  was 2006. Today, Pecos roams the property, comes and goes as he pleases, has made lots of friends and is so very spoiled. Blanketed on the icy cold days, green spring grass, a safe haven, and friends about. Three meals every day. Dawn catering to his every whim (and everyone else of the equine variety's every whim). He is in the lap of luxury. We're both happy."

- Martha Bowman



"My mare has been with Dawn since I retired her at 18. She's now 32. I think that says it all."

- Susan Shiba

Roseate Dressage


"Beautiful stable! Mrs. Dawn is a wonderful lady and takes outstanding care of your animals. You couldn't find a more reliable and honest place to board your horse!"

- Katie Foulk



"I have known Dawn Johnson for nearly 17 years, she is very kind and has a special bond with all her horses. No one can take care of your horse as good as Dawn can, she is very hands on and can deal with most minor medical emergencies. My horses have been at her farm, Cottonwood Stables, for various reasons over the years and have always been treated like they were her own children. I can say without hesitation that Cottonwood Stables and Dawn Johnson would be an ideal place for your retiree horse or your horse that needs to recoup from an injury. Dawn you are the best."

- Lynda Langston

“Kyra Von Foster”




"I love the place that Dawn has provided for our retirees. It is beautiful and my Brighton thrives there. I love that Dawn keeps me informed and gives me picture updates. She blankets and provides fly masks and everything that I would want to do for him. Highly recommend!!!"

- Shari Westcott


"Absolutely loved my time at Cottonwood Stables until we moved to Colorado! Dawn did an amazing job of taking care of our gelding, and the facility was fabulous - clean and well kept. I would recommend Dawn to anyone!"

- Darcy Fleming, DVM



"My boy "Beau" has been with Dawn for about 3 years, and my hard to keep and sometimes difficult boy has simply thrived under Dawn's care. The personal attention and individualized care is super...If there are every any questions or concerns, I know that Dawn will call me. Plus....I love the fact that she posts pictures of all her retirees periodically. I highly recommend Cottonwood."

- Mary Jean Geruelo



"Our horse Annie had a history of lameness and had been in a stall for much of the prior 4 years trying unsuccessfully to keep her sound. When we decided to retire her, we found your website and exchanged emails and then spoke directly. We were hopeful that Annie would be able to manage being in a pasture without going crazy and injuring herself further. Your care for her exceeded our expectations. Seeing her get to be a horse again with friends and freedom to roam has brought us to tears more than once. She is moving easily – even without shoes as her hooves haven’t been strong enough to hold them. While we have brought her home again as we now have the land and stalls to do that, if she doesn’t do well, we’d bring her back in a heartbeat. I would recommend you and your facility to anyone without hesitation."

- Nancy & Nikki Martin



"Love this place. Have had 2 horses with Dawn, one which will live out her life in this great facility. She takes excellent care of the horses and the owners as well! I don't have to worry about my girl as long as she's in Dawns hands. Very trustworthy."

- Deborah Chadwick Montalbano




"My husband and I got our first horses in our 60’s and didn’t know very much about the care needed,how to handle them safely or how to ride correctly and safely. Dawn was such a help to us in somany ways. She taught us to saddle, ride, brush and groom, and care for wounds that just happen when you have a horse. She helped us find the equipment we needed, too. She went over and above what we would expect and it was worth every penny spent for the lessons. We are enjoying riding our horses through our wooded acreage and enjoy sharing the horses with our grandkids and other guests. We can’t thank Dawn enough for being there to teach two older folks how to enjoy the dream of having our own horses."

Thanks Dawn,

Linda and Ricky Hitt