Cottonwood Stables

Equine Retirement

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Equine Retirement Program Overview






•   Current Negative Coggins

•   Proof of vaccinations

•   Waterproof turnout blanket

•   Stable blanket if available

•   List of special needs and/or medications

•   3 day supply of current grain for change over

•   Vet records if available

For a full, dowloadable pdf version of our program, please click here.

Horse Requirements on Arrival:

Our Program:

Special Needs:

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We have the flexibility to deal effectively with a wide range of special needs. Cushing’s Syndrome, Anhidrosis, Asthma, Lameness, Arthritis, Uveitis, EPA and general surgery recoveries are a few of the conditions we have successfully managed over the years.

When we go to the vet for our annual dental work they always remark on the appearance and condition of our guys especially when they find out how many are 20+ years old.


The only “extra” costs you will incur are any vet bills, annual vaccinations, dental float and sheath cleaning. Blanketing, bathing, fly-spraying, grooming, worming, farrier trims and basic first aid are all included in our monthly fee for base board. We can control costs better (without short changing our residents in any way), since we are in a rural area where our taxes and general services are less costly than they are in metropolitan areas. We have great references, of course, including not 1 , but 3 of the local vets in our area. See our facebook page under for more photos of current residents.


Trailering/Pick-up: Is provided at the cost of gas, plus $75.00, up to 150 miles.

As of August 1st. 2011 our monthly board for retirees is $425

•   Quality senior grain 2-3x a day, plus rice bran as needed

•   Horses are carefully matched up for turn out groups, max number of horses in a group is limited to 4.

•   Horses are always separated as needed for feeding to ensure that everyone gets what they are supposed to.

•   Supplements or medications as provided by owner

•   Free choice coastal Bermuda hay

•   Soaked alfalfa cubes and beet pulp 1x day

•   Mineral blocks and salt in each pasture

•   All horse paste wormed every 8-12 weeks

•   All horses trimmed by farrier every 6 weeks

•   All horses groomed throughout the week at feeding time

•   Summer only, horses are bathed every 2-3 days as needed

•   All pastures and paddocks fertilized annually

•   Run-In sheds in some pastures, shade trees in all pastures

•   Horses are stalled when the weather is extreme -- hot or cold, fans in the summer, blankets in the winter

•   We do not stall horses for long periods of time for any reason except for bad weather, medical injury or owner request

•   All stalls bedded in heavy pine shavings, mats in most stalls

•   All horses fly sprayed as needed

•   Annual vaccinations given by farm to save money but vaccines are purchased from the vet to ensure quality

•   Vet on premises annually for dental work and sheath cleaning

•   Quarterly photos and emails to update you on your horse

•   Owners are always welcome to come for a visit