Cottonwood Stables

Equine Retirement

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About Cottonwood Stables

Cottonwood Stables is far off the beaten path in what is called the "Piney Woods of  East Texas". After 25 years in Houston, Texas as a hunter/jumper facility, in 1988 we relocated our operation to 120 acres in Crockett, Texas.


Having arrived at our 15th year anniversary in this location, we continue to offer the highest possible quality of care for our horses, focused on our retirees.


We pride ourselves on offering a level of care equal to, or exceeding that which the owner would provide their horse, after all, we have horses too. We have over 30 years of experience in breeding, horse husbandry, training and horse farm management. This is not our "job," it is our passion.


Knowing horses, knowing each horse as an individual, is crucial to giving it our best. Our older residents are managed very carefully. Special feed and feedings, routine dental care and select turn-out areas are standard in our program. We also provide short and long term lay-ups and turn-outs for performance horses.


Our barn is located in our "backyard"  so it allows us to conveniently manage any special medical conditions of our residents 24-7.


Our residents come as far away as New Hampshire and as close as Houston and Dallas. Most are performance horses from the English riding disciplines of  Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers and Eventers. However, all breeds and types of horses are welcome. We have had the full range from the Quarter Horse to the Fjord and Friesian.